Parking in Cyprus: rules, prices and fines

General information

There are two types of car parking spaces on the island:

 - paid

They are located mainly in towns in the center (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos), although there are also some in villages and small towns.

- free

They are found quite often, including in tourist areas. For example, in Paphos, next to the waterfront, near the entrance to the archaeological park, there is a huge free municipal parking.

How to identify a paid parking

This is determined by the presence of special machines for accepting money - parking meters. There are two types of them:

  • Standard Receipt Issuer
  • Working for the two nearest parking spaces without issuing a receipt.

It happens that there is no parking meter, in this case, payment is made by sending a code to the number located above the parking spaces on a certain sign. These are mainly located in Nicosia.

Parking payment

The parking meter of the first type, after payment, will issue a receipt, which must be put on the front panel of the car's instrument panel with the front side up. Thus, a passing policeman will be able to see up to which hour and minute your parking has been paid.


The installation of the second type of tickets does not issue, but simply signals the remaining paid time on the board.

Such a device is located in the middle of two parking spaces, has a double plate and two slits to insert coins, each for its own parking space.

Important! Parking machines only accept cash in € coins and do not give change. Therefore, in order to avoid uncomfortable situations, change the bills in advance.

Extension of parking

To renew it, just go to the parking meter and pay again. Put the check in the same way as it was before so that it can be seen from the outside through the windshield of the car.

Penalty for parking in excess of the paid time

In the case of parking over the paid time, there is a high probability that the police patrolling the station will detect this and issue a fine. Usually the order receipt is left under the wiper blade on the driver's side.

Private parking

There are so-called private parking lots, where payment is made at the entrance or immediately after a parking employee will come to you for payment, after which he will issue a receipt for payment. These parking lots usually cost 2-3 euros, and for the indicated cost, the car can be left even for the whole day.

Where is it not allowed to park?

For the violations listed below, according to the new amendments to the legislation of Cyprus, an administrative penalty is provided - a fine of €150:

  • stopping and parking at two solid yellow lines along the edge of the carriageway
  • under the sign "no parking"
  • on pavements
  • on the highway
  • near traffic lights
  • close to the crosswalk
  • on-site for the disabled


How to pay a fine

You can find detailed information on paying the fine in this article.