Traffic fines in Cyprus

General information

The most common violations and fines:

  • not wearing a seat belt - €300
  • excessive speeding - €5 for each km / h
  • red light crossing- €200
  • breaking of parking rules (a long stop on two yellow lines or under a "no parking" sign, on a sidewalk, on a highway, near a traffic light or a zebra crossing, in places for people with disabilities, etc.) - €150
  • if you have exceeded the allowed maximum of alcohol in your blood

— 0.22-0.35 ppm (‰) - € 125

— 0.35-0.55 ‰ - € 301

— 0.55-0.7 ‰ - € 500

— above 0.8 ‰ - up to € 10,000 or 2 years in prison (by the decision of a judge)

Payment order

If you have been issued a fine ticket and it was attached to the windshield of the car (or handed in person), we recommend that you pay it as soon as possible. After 15 days from the date of the offense, the amount is increased by 50%. If no payment follows after another 14 days, the case goes to court. Non-payers may have problems with re-visiting the island, as well as EU countries.

The easiest way is to pay at any bank, or online no earlier than a day after receiving it, since during this time the fine is registered in the system.

How to pay at the bank

To do this, you need to contact the bank employee, having with you the fine ticket and your passport. The bank may charge a small transfer fee.

Online payment on the website


You can also pay using  JCCSMART application on the mobile phone or on the website:

How do I pay a parking fine if I have lost the ticket?

If you lose the fine receipt, you need to contact the nearest police station for a duplicate with the documents for the car or a rental agreement with you. If the fine is received for unpaid parking, then you need to contact the municipality of the area or settlement where the fine was issued, since the police base does not have these fines.

How do I know if there are unpaid fines? 

To get information about unpaid traffic fines, you can 

  • Visit the police station and provide the following information: ID number, first and last name, vehicle registration number.

  • Contact the Cyprus Police Traffic Department by phone +357 22607545, 46, 47. Working hours (07:00-14:30) on working days.

Does the section on JCC warrants/fines show if I have a fine due?

No, JCC doesn’t show it currently. A notice will be sent by post to the car owner's address.