Petrol Stations in Cyprus - useful information

Prices and useful information

Petrol stations can be easily found in big cities, they are less common on highways, and they are quite rare in small towns and villages, so if you have to travel long distances, you should fill up before you leave your resort city, to avoid looking for an emergency refueling. The petrol stations are not attached to highways, but located slightly aside, onslip roads,and are marked with standard signs.


Petrol stations offer the following types of fuel:

  • 95
  • 95 with proprietary additives (ultimate, power, etc.)
  • 98
  • diesel (you should use only euro diesel

There are also different types of fuel that can't be used for modern cars, such as:

  • Diesel for agricultural machines, heating systems and heating
  • Kerosene

You can buy light snacks and drinks at the petrol stations. You can also check the pressure and pump up the tires, and Refill the windshield washer fluid reservoir for free. If necessary, you can wash your car there. The average price for a full-service car wash is 6-8 euros.

The petrol stations found on the island are:

  • ESSO
  • ECO
  • Petrolina
  • BP
  • Agip
  • Lukoil

Order of payment if staff is available

On weekdays during working hours, you can usually find a staff member who will help you fill up your car and even accept cash. You don't even have to leave your car, just give him the cash and tell him the amount and type of fuel you need. He will do everything himself and give you the change, if needed.

Tip: If you want to pay by credit card, it is better to do it inside the petrol station via cashier's credit card terminal.

If staff is not available

On weekends and holidays, and after 17:00-18:00, there is no filling station attendants almost everywhere. So how to fill up if there is nobody available? Using a terminal! It's not hard, our instruction will help you:

  • Line your car so thatapetrol cap faced the petrol pump.
  • Choose the language on the screen.
  • Insert cash into a cash drawer or insert your card and enter the sumrequired.
  • Enter the number of apetrol pump.
  • Then takeafuel nozzle, insert it into a petrol cap and start refueling.
  • If you need to print a receipt, go back to the machine and press the “Receipt” button.

Warning: For fire safety reasons, before refueling, stop the engine and switch off the ignition.

Gasoline cost
In Cyprus the prices at different gas stations practically do not differ. At Agip filling stations, as a rule, fuel is a little more expensive than, for example, at Petrolina filling stations, but the difference in the cost of a liter of gasoline is insignificant and is usually no more than 10-15 cents. The same can be said for the differences in fuel prices across the island's regions - there is a difference, but very small.

It is easy to find the coordinates of gas stations, for example, on Google maps, in order to choose the closest one to you.

While the car is refueling, the petrol station employee can wash the windshield on your car, which is certainly very nice. In this case, it is customary to leave a tip to the petrol station. Usually this is a coin of the order of 50 cents or 1 euro.