Nissan Micra

Cost of renting a Nissan Micra in Cyprus in 2024
1,2 l engine
5 seats
air conditioner
4.4 l/100 km
41 l fuel tank
4 doors
CD, Radio
front drive
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The price includes:

  • Amendments
  • Theft protection
  • Collision and loss damage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Local taxes
  • Vehicle licensing fee
  • Airport tax
  • Unlimited mileage

Due to its compact size, the car is very easy to drive, even if the driver is a girl. Despite the small volume of the engine, it is quite fast and behaves confidently on any road. Even on protracted mountain serpentines, the engine is very powerful, but here a lot depends on the load of the car and the included additional power consumers (air conditioning, headlights, etc.).

5-seater hatchback with a body, 5 doors for boarding / disembarking passengers and loading luggage, equipped with a 1.2 liter 80 hp engine, automatic transmission and a luggage compartment with a volume of 265 liters. The car is equipped with an automatic transmission and air conditioning system.

The luggage compartment is quite modest, accommodating one or two medium suitcases and a small backpack. Therefore, if a trip is planned for two or three, or there are two adults and children in the car, then the Nissan March is a good and inexpensive option for a rental car.

You ask, we answer


Are all cars right-hand drive?

Yes, since they drive on the left side of the road in Cyprus, all cars are right-hand drive in accordance with the traffic rules.

Do cars have a stereo or a radio?

Yes, all cars have a radio!

Do your cars have child seats installed?

If you need a child seat or booster, indicate this in the application on the website and the car will be delivered to you with a child seat already installed.

Can I book a 7-seater minivan or minibus with you?

Yes, we can offer a family 7-seater Mazda Premacy station wagon with a huge trunk, which can be transformed, if desired, into an additional third row of seats.

Do you have cars with manual transmission?

Unfortunately, no. All vehicles in our fleet are equipped with an automatic transmission.

Do your cars have automatic transmission and air conditioning?

Yes, all vehicles are equipped with automatic transmission and air conditioning or climate control.

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