Mazda Premacy

Cost of renting a Mazda Premacy in Cyprus in 2024
2,0 l engine
7 seats
air conditioning
6.2 l/100 km
55 l fuel tank
4 doors
front drive
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The price includes:

  • Amendments
  • Theft protection
  • Collision and loss damage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Local taxes
  • Vehicle licensing fee
  • Airport tax
  • Unlimited mileage

This car has an absolutely universal purpose - the car can be used as a large comfortable car for five passengers with a huge luggage compartment, or become a seven-seater car with the help of rear seats that fold out in the trunk.

5 (7) seater front-wheel drive car with a station wagon, equipped with a 2.0 liter engine with a capacity of 151 hp, automatic transmission and a 420 l luggage compartment.

The car interior can also be transformed depending on the needs: the middle row seats can be moved forward / backward by 270 mm, and the middle section of the seat can be converted into a comfortable table. For access to the third row of seats, there is a convenient lever on the side of the backrest, with which the middle row seat moves forward and at the same time folds the backrest, making it easier to access the third row of seats.

Having rented a Mazda Premasi in Cyprus, you do not need to worry about how to transport bulky luggage - access to the luggage compartment through the fifth door, loading height, free space and trunk configuration are beyond praise. It is the ideal car for traveling, especially for medium to long distances. A powerful, high-torque 2-liter engine behaves confidently in any modes, an incredibly soft energy-intensive suspension "swallows" road irregularities easily, and good noise insulation does not allow the driver and passengers to get tired on the road, giving positive emotions from driving this car.

You ask, we answer


Are all cars right-hand drive?

Yes, since they drive on the left side of the road in Cyprus, all cars are right-hand drive in accordance with the traffic rules.

Do cars have a stereo or a radio?

Yes, all cars have a radio!

Do your cars have child seats installed?

If you need a child seat or booster, indicate this in the application on the website and the car will be delivered to you with a child seat already installed.

Can I book a 7-seater minivan or minibus with you?

Yes, we can offer a family 7-seater Mazda Premacy station wagon with a huge trunk, which can be transformed, if desired, into an additional third row of seats.

Do you have cars with manual transmission?

Unfortunately, no. All vehicles in our fleet are equipped with an automatic transmission.

Do your cars have automatic transmission and air conditioning?

Yes, all vehicles are equipped with automatic transmission and air conditioning or climate control.

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