The intricacies of renting a car in Cyprus

  1.   Foreword
  2.   Left side traffic
  3.   Driver's license
  4.   Red number plates
  5.   Aggregators
  6.   Mileage limitation
  7.   Navigator
  8.   Full insurance (0 excess)
  9.   Franchise
  10. Ways of payment
  11. Prepayment
  12. Pick-up and return location
  13. Security deposit and deposit
  14. Reservation
  15. What determines the price
  16. Long term rental

Of course, you can try to see all the beauties of the island from the window of the sightseeing bus, but in this case, you will see only a small part of the natural and historical sights. Moreover, these will only be the most promoted and typical tourist bus routes.

The car gives the tourists great opportunities, a sense of freedom and independence. You do not have to get up early in the morning to catch the tour bus, which will pick you up from your hotel at a strictly designated time. You will plan your day yourself and devote as much time to sightseeing as you need and will visit only those places that are really interesting to you. Lovers of nature and ecotourism will be able to get to know more about the landscapes and exotic fauna. Connoisseurs of ancient civilizations will feel all the grandeur and splendor of countless significant and unique monuments of antiquity. If you like quality beach holidays, the country will amaze you with the azure and aquamarine of the cleanest beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, leaving in your memory vivid, unforgettable memories.

So you've come to the conclusion that a car rental would be the ideal solution for you. In this article, you will find out all the important information:

Left side traffic

In Cyprus, unlike most countries, they drive on the left side of the road. This is not a big problem for tourists who rent a car here, because "retraining" to the right steering wheel takes just a few hours of driving. The reasons for the quick adaptation to local traffic lie in the rather low traffic density, as well as the fact that local drivers are quite friendly towards tourists driving cars with red number plates that indicate the fact that the car is rented,  highlighting it in the stream of cars.

The quickest way to get used to left-hand traffic is to use the following advice: put your right hand on the armrest of the driver's door and convince yourself that a dividing and an oncoming lane is on this side.

Driver's license

In Cyprus, in order to get behind the wheel and drive a car, a category B driver's license from all countries which have signed the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic is suitable and it can be of any type - old or new. An international driving license is optional. A category A license is required to drive motorcycles and scooters, except for mopeds with an engine capacity of less than 125 cc. cm.

Red number plates

All car rental companies in the Republic of Cyprus, according to local legislation, must be licensed to carry out this activity. Red number plates on the rental car indicate that the rental company has the required license. Cars with white plates do not have a rental permit, so the person or company who rents such a car works illegally. Moreover, when renting a car unofficially, in the event of an accident, the insurance company will refuse to pay, because the driver is renting a car illegally and is not included in the insurance policy.


When booking a car through any aggregator, as a rule, the customer receives a fairly large selection of cars from different rental companies which is very convenient. But at the same time, when renting a car directly from the car rental company, you can always be sure that you will communicate and solve any issues directly with the rental company in which you rent a car, and you can choose the car yourself and book exactly the one you like, not an analogue or the one similar in technical characteristics.

Mileage limitation

It is another important nuance that is often overlooked when booking cars at a very low price. Often, the rental company limits the daily mileage of the car, thereby allowing you to reduce the rental cost, but limiting your mobility and making you face the risk of getting heavy fines if the daily limit is exceeded. By the way, in Russia this is a very common practice of car dealerships. By renting a car in PRIORITY, you are guaranteed to avoid these unnecessary risks and restrictions.



Going on any road trip in unfamiliar terrain, the driver always learns the routes and learns the features of the upcoming trips (terrain, traffic features, etc.). Previously, before the trip, they bought maps of the area and cities where the trip was planned. Then navigators appeared, replacing paper maps and making life much easier for motorists. Now navigators have replaced smartphones with pre-installed software. Now you don't even need a mobile Internet on your smartphone, you just need to download the free application, which is suitable for both Android and ios, while you are in the wi-fi coverage of your hotel, install the appropriate maps and go!


Full insurance (0 excess)


This is insurance that covers all risks and this is one of the pitfalls of car rental and we will tell you why.


If you think that you are renting a car with Full insurance (0 excess), be sure to make sure that the amount of the deductible will be indicated in the contract. In Cyprus, rental cars cannot be insured under "CASCO" insurance, that is, in principle, there is no full insurance (0 excess).


But, nevertheless, a small part of rental companies still offer to take a car with full insurance (0 excess). What does this mean? The most important question that needs to be asked if you were offered full insurance (0 excess) and is convinced that this is what will be stated in the contract - is it the amount of the franchise? If 0, then you can be calm. This means that the company itself assumes responsibility and in the event of an accident / damage to the car, it will resolve the issues of repair itself.


The rental price in our organization includes OSAGO insurance, as well as full insurance (0 excess) (CASCO) with a deductible of 500 euros (for almost all car models). You do not need to leave a deposit or deposit. A "no deductible" option is available when booking.




You can find out more about the franchise in this article.


Ways of payment


In different companies, the payment methods may differ: in cash in euro € and / or by credit card at the stage of booking or when picking up the car. We offer both methods for your choice when picking up a car.




This is one of the most common questions. Most companies require prepayment in order to make a reservation.


Booking a car on the website of our company is absolutely free and safe, we do not ask for card details.

Payment is made on the spot upon receipt of the car according to the booking.


Pick-up and return location


Car pick-up is possible at the airport, hotel or at the address of the villa or apartment. You can read more about renting a car at the airport in this article.


Security deposit and deposit


This is the money that must be left to most car rental companies when concluding a lease. It is collected in cash or by blocking on a bank card. It is returned by bona fide distributors at the end of the lease term if the terms of the contract have not been violated and the car is returned in the same condition. Cooperating with us - you do not risk anything, because you rent a car without a deposit / deposit.




How long does it take to do this? Many tourists ask themselves this question.


We recommend booking well in advance to ensure that you have the right car for the dates you want.


In order to take a car from Priority Car Rentals, you just need to choose a model on the website or with the help of a consultant, calculate the cost and fill out the booking request form. Confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours. It's completely free.


Upon receipt of the car, a contract is concluded, which indicates the data of the driver, the rented car, the rental period and the price. Payment is made in cash or by acquiring.


What does the price depend on?

  • Car characteristics are an important criterion for value

- car class

- engine volume

- body type

- type of checkpoint

  • Driver's experience and age: if the age is less than 25 years and / or the experience is less than 3 years, it is necessary to take out insurance for a young driver.
  • Duration of rental: the more days - the more profitable.
  • Seasonality: high (spring / summer) - standard prices and low: (autumn / winter) - discounts apply.
  • Additional services and options: additional insurance, child seat, GPS, collection / return in different cities.

Long term rental


In addition to short-term leases, there are long-term leases, when the lease term varies from 1 month to a year. In this case, our company has good discounts.


Anything else you would like to know? Read the FAQ section