Car Hire in Cyprus Airports in Larnaca & Paphos

Useful information

Taxis in Cyprus are quite expensive, so for convenience and budget savings, our company has organized a car delivery to both airports in Cyprus: Paphos and Larnaca. We have prepared an algorithm for receiving and returning a car, after reading which the whole process of renting a car will be clear.

Meeting with our representative

An employee is waiting in the arrival hall with a sign on which the client's surname and first name are indicated. Or, a message is sent to the messenger with information about where our representative is in the parking lot. There is free Wi-Fi access in the passport control room, so we will be in touch.

Vehicle inspection and check

At this stage, an act of acceptance and transfer of the vehicle is drawn up, which records:

  • external damage and defects
  • fuel level
  • additional options

Signing a contract and settlement

The following information is indicated:

  • the period of the beginning and the end of the rental period
  • information about the driver according to driving license
  • accommodation details or hotel name
  • information about the car
  • type of insurance coverage
  • additional conditions
  • total amount to be paid (possible in cash or by card)


After that, the employee transfers you the original copy of the contract and the vehicle inspection report, which will be checked when the car is passed back to us.

Brief information on traffic rules and transport operation

Driving a car in another country, especially with left-hand traffic, is not customary at first and it will take some time to adapt to. Therefore, before we wish you a good rest and a pleasant trip, we try to focus your attention on the main points that you need to know:

  • the most important nuances of driving rules
  • speed limits
  • stopping rules
  • areas where driving is not allowed
  • incident procedure
  • phone numbers of the office, police, tech. roadside assistance


Can I rent a car at one airport and return it at another?

Arrivals to one place and departures from another are not uncommon. This is dictated by the pricing of the package tour, and sometimes by the wishes of the customer. In order to meet the expectations of the client as much as possible, we provide such an opportunity subject to the availability of technical capabilities. Please coordinate this with the managers of our company in advance at the stage of preliminary booking.

How do I pay for parking?

  1. When entering the airport parking area, you need to get a parking ticket, which will be issued by a machine located next to the barrier, after which it will open automatically.
  2. Before leaving the parking area, you need to go with a parking ticket to the parking payment machines, which are located in the central covered part of the parking lot, directly opposite the central exit from Paphos airport and opposite the exit from the departure hall on the second floor at Larnaca airport.
  3. To pay, you need to bring a parking ticket to the scanner of the machine or insert it into the machine in accordance with the scheme indicated on it and make a payment.
  4. You must have a paid parking ticket with you at the exit from the parking lot. New models of machines scan the license plate upon exit and open the barrier automatically. Old models of machines will require you to bring or insert a paid parking ticket, after which they will scan it and open the exit barrier automatically. These machines are located directly at the exit from the parking area and serve only for checking and are not intended to pay for parking.